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Software I use when running Windows

This is a list of software I find useful when running Windows. Some of it is free (as in beer), some of it is free (as in speech and some of it costs money)

Office / Production

AbiWord — Great word processor that I use when I don’t need all the features of Microsoft Office or Openoffice. []
Microsoft Office — Use this for compatibility reasons.
OpenOffice — Use this when compatability with my college is not required. []
FoxIt Reader — PDF Reader / Alternative to Adobe PDF Reader. []
The Gimp — The GNU Image Manipulation Program, an alternative to Adobe Photoshop. []
Adobe Photoshop — Sometimes it’s just needed.
Paint.NET — Most of the time I don’t need the extensive features of Adobe Photoshop or The Gimp. []


Halite — A small, lightweight bittorrent client and a replacement to uTorrent. []
Pidgin — A nice opensource instant messaging client with support for multiple platforms and protocols. []
Mozilla Firefox — Great open source browser. []
Opera — Used for when I’m testing stuff. []
FileZilla — A great FTP/SFTP client. Opensource. []
xfire — Instant messaging client that you can use while in almost all games. []
mIRC — IRC Client. []
Metasploit — Find vulnerabilities in the software you run on your network. []
nMap — Probe your network for open ports. []
Putty — Useful when working with SSH. []
WireShark — Capture packets. []


Handbrake — Ripping DVD’s. []
VLC — A great player which can play many formats. []
Audacity — Useful for working with audio. []
Windows Media Player — I’d prefer amaroK but it does the job.


Code::blocks — The main IDE I use for C++ development. []
Dev-C++ — Rarely use this anymore. []
Py2Exe — Useful for when the target system does not have python. []
Python — An interpreted programming language that is awesome. []
SPE [Stani’s Python Editor] – A great Python editor/IDE. []
Game Maker — Rarely use this anymore but has it’s uses. []
Java BlueJ — Java editor. []
FarPy GUIe — A graphical editor for generating wxPython code. []
Microsoft Visual Studio Express — Microsoft’s series of IDE’s for C++, C# and VB.NET.


7-Zip — Use this for decompressing/compressing various formats (ZIP/RAR/7ZIP/TAR/GZ) []
Ccleaner — Great for cleaning crap from the system []
ClamWin (ClamAV Win32) — A no fuss virus scanner. []
Eraser — Use this for secure deletion of files. []
MagicDisk — Great for mounting images to virtual disks, etc.. []
SiSoftware Sandra — Great for finding information about the system. []
Truecrypt — Encryption tool, can create encrypted volumes, etc.. []
WinDirStat — A ‘file visualiser’ as it were. Creates a graphical representation of a drive. []
CDBurnerXP — Useful for burning files and images to CD’s. []
XMing — I use this for connecting to machines that are running XDMCP. []
Qemu — This can simulate a real computer. Great for testing stuff. []
Cygwin — A unix environment in Windows. []

Other tools also include CPU-Z, Steganos Locknote, Notepad2 and Process Explorer (SysInternals).

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Kate Chapman
2 years ago

My colleague Tim put together a cheat sheet for Metasploit –

The chances are that anyone using Metasploit would likely benefit from our cheat sheet which is a good, quick reference guide to the main features and commands.

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